Dead Sand Elite

Dead Sand Elite
By: Jacmac

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Do not use "devmap" to load this map.  Cheats are turned off on this map and using "devmap" will not work.

USE "/map dead_sand_elite" to play this map

1. Nazi Zombie Dead Sand Elite

Map Created by Jacmac

Details: “Jacmac has released the all new upgraded Nazi Zombie Dead Sand Elite Version. This map plays flawlessly with lots of twists and turns. There is changing weapon values, increased AI offense and defense, there are a few perks we wont tell you about.

The map opens, the landing boats are on the beach, you and you team mates are defending a series of trenches and bunkers. You have at your arsenal, bouncing betties, mounted machine guns, deployable weapons, mortars and a few custom weapons that will be sure to blow your mind. From the trenches you make you way trough a series of mountain side bunkers again with lots of twists and turns. There is a last stand area that will blow your mind.

Now back to the AI, you have reinforcements, that you can gain from time to time to help with the onslaught of zombie attackers. There is also the presence of enemy AI who has a large arsenal of weapons also. There is also times that all 32 zombies will spawn at one time, and it will truly make you crap your pants, as it will feel as if it is too much to handle.

This will definitely be a map you will remember. Download it now, play it and then play again, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is a very large map and the extras make it play smoothly. Ottawolf, WizzardOfOzz, FW-Corey and CoDNerd are proud and honored to have tested it and now we bring it to the community. Also we want to welcome Jacmac to the CustomCoD staff. Great job Jac, keep it up.

(Written by Ottawolf & edited by CoDNerd)


* Perks have been implemented, they drop from zombies just like powerups but look different than powerups. Two additional perks have been implemented, ‘Endless Grenades’ & ‘Three Primaries’.
* With Endless Grenades your grenade inventory will be replenished by 1 grenade every few seconds. With Sleight of Hand, the replenishment is faster.
* Three Primaries gives you three primary weapon slots.
* The Juggernaut perk has been altered to double your toughness (200% health) instead of the standard 160%.
* For a solo player, the Quick Revive perk is useless, so Quick Revive provides additional speed to rebuilding barriers (solo only).
* The “?” (gambler) can now spawn perks as well as everything it used to.

* An additional power up, ‘Speed Boost’ has been added, giving all players an increased run speed for a duration of time. The powerup icons have been altered a bit to make room for the new powerup.
* There is now a passive bonus for keeping the barriers up. When all barriers are fully built and the number of enemies exceeds a threshold, all players will get bonus points at an interval. This will be indicated by the flashing of a new barrier icon.
* This bonus is equal to 10 * Round Number every x seconds where x is equal to the number of players. So at round 10, four players connected would get 100 points every 4 seconds, when the number of enemies exceeds a threshold. Keeping one enemy alive won’t be enough, but using that time to rebuild all barriers could be valuable for the next round…
* Timed powerups last 30 seconds + 2 second per level. For example, at level 10, timed powerups last for 50 seconds.

* Enemy AI shooter spawning has been changed. It is no longer predictable where, when, or what will spawn. However, the spawn locations are the same.
* There is a Boss Zombie (red flashing eyes) that can spawn, he is 6 times harder to kill and drops a “Super Powerup”. He may also drop one or two perks depending on the round. He is a little smarter than regular zombies and doesn’t like grenades thrown at him.
* The Zombies are tired of coming out of the ships piecemeal all the time and getting cut to shreds, so they may now do a ‘zerg’ attack in an attempt to overwhelm the players.
* The enemy eye texture is now blue instaed of the default (merely a costmetic note here).

* Previously, several MG’s could be bought from the chest that didn’t have bipods. Those types have been eliminated, with the exception of the Scoped FG42.
* The price of the buyable Projekt 335 has been reduced to 1500 (originally 3500). The ammo cost is still only 500.
* The Bouncing Betties explode faster than before, due to the increased speed some of the zombies have. This is a blessing and a curse; don’t be planting them or near them with zombies comming at you.

The Map Geometery
* There is now a tunnel at the far end of the beach trenches that leads to a small bunker behind the sea wall. The wall can be rebuilt from inside the bunker. There is also a good strategic position for one or two players above.
* The trench logs facing the beach have many useful mountable positions. Sometimes trickey to mount on, sometimes easy.

* Player repawns are in randomized locations, players will not necessarily respawn next living players any longer. If you die, you might end up high or down low.

* Cheating is no longer possible. The map will abort if run in a mode that enables cheats (e.g. +thereisacow or devmap). To run Dead Sand Elite solo, only use the ‘map’ command to start it. Attempts at altering variables like sf_use_ignoreammo will simply result in the mod aborting in the middle of playing.”



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