Nazi Zombie Warmington

Nazi Zombie Warmington
By: St.Jim

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During the Warmington on sea platoon’s usual checks for Nazi parachuter’s and U-Boat captains with uncanny acting skills (not to mention, no humour) Pvt. Pike came across a parachute near the Novelty Rock Emporium. Little did he know that the contents of named para-dropped package contained an experimental compound codenamed 115. Under orders of GHQ, the platoon were instructed to keep hold of the crate under maximum security until the territorial army arrives.

Overnight, many members of the platoon went in and out of consciousness and could hear whispering voices, then fell into a sleep they could not wake from. In a last ditch effort the remaining men tried to destroy the package and upon failing that, they put as much distance between them and the crate by hauling it up to the roof.

The hours passed and the voices didn’t stop, the ground started to shake and partially decomposed Nazi’s closed in on the hall. The squad realised that the re-enforcements were never going to arrive. They knew that if they wanted to keep their lives, they had to engage the undead battalion.

Note:¬†This is my first Nazi Zombie map and it will not be to an amazing standard, but I hope many will overlook this and judge my map for it’s layout and the work I have put into it.


– 4 Pandora’s boxes,
– All the perk machines (incl. PaP) with new prices:
Jugganog – 3500,
Revive Soda – 2500,
Speed Cola – 4500,
Double Tap Root Beer – 3000
– Disabled Hell Hounds,
– 1.4 new weapons (such as the Minkey Bombs and Bowie Knife),
– New FX,
– 1.4 very vicious zombie breed,
– And more

These video’s were filmed by: 109productions

Part 1
Part 2

Known Issues:

– I missed out a decal (for the magnum chaulk) from my mod builder, D’OH!
РI need to clip the sandbags because if you prone on top and then go towards the stairs then the zombies rush downstairs and not to you (Thanks to killer97685 for the heads up  )

Please post info if you have played this map and encountered a bug because then I can go about fixing them in a new build (won’t be for a while because I don’t want several different versions of the mod around all at once lol)


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