Nazi Zombie Speichern

Nazi Zombie Speichern
By: Rayjingstorm

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Speichern Is Finally Here!!!
I have been working on Nazi Zombie Speichern for some time. It is a large, Shi No Numa style map. ¬†Speichern is German for “Store” (I know it is not proper German, and actually means “To Store”)

This is a large map, and ends in a “last stand” tree house out back.


After wandering through a forest for days with your three comrades to escape the zombies in Berlin, you come across a small German village. You make your way into the large store in the front, and discover it would make a good stronghold against zombie invaders. You grab anything you can get your hands on, and begin boarding up the windows of the shop. You discover the zombies won’t be stopped by 2x4s and nails, and some of these zombies are a somewhat…special. As these fiery, electrified, and gaseous zombies begin appearing, it becomes apparent that you and your fellow soldiers may not survive. But you aren’t going down without a fight! Grab your guns, get ready, and you just might make it out alive…barely.

  • Imperial Zombies
  • Dog Rounds(Dog rounds caused problems with the treehouse, and so were removed ¬†:'( )
  • A large playable area with secret underground area
  • Three “modified” weapons(see list)
  • Electro-Shock-Defenses
  • Randomized Perk-a-Cola machines (Four Corners from Shi No Numa)
  • A custom texture
  • Rain
  • Switches in four corners that open secret area
  • Elevator
  • Special Zombies, I.E. Fire, Electric
And More…
Custom Weapons Include:

Auto Walther- Walther pistol with custom stained glass like texture that shoots at a Bar paced(slow)full auto.

Rocket Kar-Kar98k with custom fire texture that fires single panzerschrek rounds.

Auto Ptrs41-Ptrs41 with custom digital camo texture that fires 30cal rounds at a 30cal paced full auto.(You can still zoom the same as a ptrs )

Thanks To My Great Beta Testers:

  • Fegerlein
  • Arfunzals
  • [FRG]The-Person
  • [MW2]NaziZombieFa
  • Bob00105
  • [UKS] SSgt. Ghillie


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