Nazi Zombie Subway V2

Nazi Zombie Subway V2
By: AmishThunder and Sparks

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DLC3 conversion by BlueSoviet, description is from the original release.

The Last Christmas DLC3 revamp – one of the first -if not the first- custom zombie maps ever made. This updated version simply converts the map from prototype to factory style along with most of its features(No dogs/teleporters).

Obviously because this map was prototype it isn’t very large – in terms of playable area its probably a bit larger than Nacht Der Untoten, so if your looking for a large map this isn’t for you.

   Map created by [Treyarch]AmishThunder and [Treyarch]SparkyMcSparks
   DLC3 conversion by BlueSoviet

Permission for upload & Revamp was given by [Treyarch]SparkyMcSparks.



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