Nazi Zombie Rtkanal

Nazi Zombie Rtkanal
By: Gbomb

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nazi_zombie_rtkanal is a large scale zombie map. It’s designed for 3-4 player coop, so expect a challenge. Rtkanal is somewhat inspired by the Half Life mission of the same name.

The setting is a futuristic canal system and a network of underground sewers. The map has a winnable ending, if you can survive long enough and navigate the sewer system. As always, Good Luck! Gbomb

Stock features:

    * All Der Riese sounds.
    * Pack a Punch
    * Mainframe and 3 teleporters to hook up.
    * All four perks
    * Lots of hell hounds.
    * Lots of un-lockable rooms and doors.
    * Monkey Bombs and Bowie knife.
    * Easter egg.
    * Moving weapons box.
    * Bouncing Betty.
    * Lots of special effects and more!
    * Cheat protection not enabled, you’ll probably need them!
    * Rising Zombies
    * Zappers
Additional features:

   * Non zombie stock weapons.  
   * Custom sounds.
   * Buyable ammo.
   * Artillery Strikes.
   * Winnable ending.
   * Zombie Counter.

What’s new in v1.1:

* Teleporters and PaP set up to work in single player.
* New playing area.
* Reworked layout of sewers.
* Adjusted cost of m1 at start.
* Fixed zombies and dogs sticking in sewer.
* Added detail and sounds.

Note: non-stock weapons buyable off the wall can not be upgraded intentionally.  The weapons box plays a more important role in your survival!

Special Credits and lots of thanks:   dance1

 TomBMX, for his hard work on scripting tutorials used for parts of this map.
 Crackshot, testing and his MP weapons tutorial.



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