Nazi Zombie Forts

Nazi Zombie Forts
Version: 1.1 By: ADDICTED

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Version 1.1 finally out!!!

Nazi Zombie Forts (not Fort) by Snake0567 & ADDICTED

This map doesn’t really have a storyline, but I guess you crash landed (like that one hasn’t been used before) and found yourselfs here. Stand your ground and get ready to fight! Lame, I know.
– Most cod4 guns (some cod5 guns upgrade into cod4 guns)
– Custom powerups
– Kino Der Toten-style PAP room (but with powerup)
– Choice ending on round 20
– Points trading system
– Custom Perks
– Easter Eggs
– Zombie Counters
– Custom Models
– Auto turrets with MINIGUNS!!!
– Getting downed brings you closer to other players
– High/Low graphics setting
– Normal and Hard difficulties put a 2nd window in each hut
– Easy starts with: 3000 points, Normal: 1000 points, Hard: 0 points
– Regular ray gun added
And more!

– In 3-4 player game, if a player leaves, it might cause a problem with the feature that keeps players from getting out of the map (hopefully this is fixed, but I didn’t have 3-4 players to do a test)
– Some cod4 guns don’t have sounds or are missing sounds (sorry, it’s my first time – I couldn’t find all the sounds)

Have fun!!
Thanks to:
SpeedRunner1 – Beta testing
Nelwyn – Beta testing
Tom_Bmx – Lamps/Lights, Music box, Atillery, and probably some other things I can’t remember right now




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