Nazi Zombie WarZone

Nazi Zombie WarZone
By: jbracin14

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Welcome to the WarZone.  You have awaken on a beach after the previous night’s battle. After arriving with a few other soldiers on this beach, you noticed an unwelcome surprise as the beach was littered with debris and corpses.  You found a door a distance away, but the path was blocked.  Suddenly the dead began to rise.  Can you survive?

Features —- (Credits)

-Zombie Counter (MrHankey)
-FX (Tom_BMX)
-Kino Style Teleporter (ADDICTED)
-Custom Power Up (Rampage_619)
-Colored Power Up (Somebody_Else)
-Electric Traps (Tom_BMX)
-Zone Management (CustomCOD Wiki)
-Zombie Risers (CustomCOD Wiki)
-House Prefab #1 (tadej)
-Farm Prefab #1 (Midget-Mob)
-Jungle Prefab #1 (UGX-Cold)
-Jungle Prefab #2 (UGX-Cold)
-Custom MP Guns (Snake0657)
-Zombie Interest Point (ADDICTED)
-Custom Game Over Script (ryan39)
-End Game Camera (holty007)
-Auto Turrets (holty007)
-Music Box (Tom_BMX)
-Weapon Cabinet (holty007)
-Wind and Dynamic Entities (Darkflame)
-Adjusting Zombie Speeds (Darkflame)
-Buyable Pickups (CustomCOD Wiki)
-Mystery Tractors (Rampage_619)
-World Spawn Information (-)
-Loadscreen (JBRacin14)

Mapping: JBRacin14 and Ryan39 

-Layout (JBRacin14)
-Some Scripting (Ryan39)
-Some Functions (Ryan39)
-Beta Testing (Ryan39, Somebody_Else, and JBRacin14)




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