Nazi Zombie 444

Nazi Zombie 444
By: Geek008

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Ok, So, This Is The Final Release For My Map, The One I Released Before Was Only A Publicly Released Beta. The Reason For That Was Some People Wanted Me To Release The Map As Soon As Possible. But Technically It Was Done Then. 

Anyway, This Is The Final Version, So I Hope It It Fixed All The Bugs That Were Discovered Before, Oh and HAVE FUN!

So, Features:
Der Riese Style  But Heavily Modded.  
All 4 Perk Machines Appear Twice. 
Custom Zombie Modding Camo On EVERYTHING. 
Modified Multiplayer Weapons.
Modified Stock Weapons.
Custom Start Load-out.
Pre Game Messages.
8 Music Box Songs.
Hidden Weapon.
Buyable Powerups.
4 Different Box Locations.
Areas Of The Map Are Identical To Nazi Zombie 111 and 333 But Are Changed To Suit This Map.
Buyable Ending For 200 000. (No Bank So Have Fun Saving)
Credits Text File In Mod Folder.

This Map Is Medium Sized. An Area Was Designed By TheJoeyBBB So Thak To Him For It, This Area Was Hidden In The Beta But Is Now A Vital Part Of This Map. 

Thanks To The Beta Testers, and Most Of All Thanks To Zombie Modding.
Also Thanks To TheJoeyBBB For The Trailer For The Final Release Above.



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