Nazi Zombie USSR

Nazi Zombie USSR
By: ville88

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Once, I was disgusted by the fact that I create and I wanted to do something for the better, something stoyuschie ….. And I made this card, it turned out great little complicated but I tried a long two weeks. And so what did I do?!

Room with many rooms, a secret room with the buyer complete the game, the perks are chained in a glass sarcophagus key that can open otkryvatelemi which I posted on the walls of some of them from what I remember, and I will not say have to open everything can guess from the perk (one perk you not useful but I made that I had to spend the money .. ha … ha .. haaa) 10 Perkov way unlike nazi_zombie_german I made ekstrimalnuyu training because she is needed there, easter eggs I cheated, there is a box with arms and paid bonuses on the walls (MAX AMMO, INSTA Killy and DOUBLE POINTS) But they, too, in the sarcophagus (Hint: Opening bonuses yellow openers) Is Red at the posts, be careful on the wall prostrellivayutsya killing bot through you without ostaeptes prekrytiya is present PCA spryatany but it can see if bvt vnematelnym and mg42 same story so look))))

I ask you to leave comments (for me it is VERY IMPORTANT FOR THIS AND ONLY tried)

A test team also picking up pieces of my Skype – vill88sarastus

Special Thanks
JV For Perkmashine For zombiemode
way2evil for modernweapons
nzt tiozzopro for special combat
tom_bmx for tom_music_player



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