Nazi Zombie USSR2

Nazi Zombie USSR2
By: ville

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This is a new version of nazi_zombie_ussr in the style of Der Reise (Giant).

Recently, I hear a lot of criticism of the nazi_zombie_ussr, that it is easy to get through and even very much, and that the zct mode has already become boring. Well, the challenge is accepted.)))

This mod I collected from many others, I climbed a lot of textbooks on state forums, and finally something happened!

Description and changes:

    Instead of rounds time timer
    Teleport on the similarity as in black ops in the map of the theater of death (KinoDerToten)
    New Weapon Skins
    New Zombie Skins + Neon Eyes
    3 bonuses on the walls
    3 Weapon Cabinets (Trellis)
    PaP Temporary room in between teleporting
    Zombies are all at the marathon from the very start (Runners)
    4 standard perk but also as in the previous version are shackled in sarcophagi to be opened
    Magic Weapon Box
    Music player 3 standard songs and I added 2 with an item and metallic General – 5 songs
    Electric zombies
    Fire zombies
    Hell hounds removed
    Hidden ppsh
    Betty Mina on the wall
    Buyable end of the game

Whoever teleport without cheats and the like will include or at least collect all perks for Tom. Respect And Respect And Map In Honor

his nick name

Personally, I just managed to get to Ppsh and open a couple of doors.

Who played in the Zombie Warfare those with the fly with the orientation.



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