Haus Der Untoten

Haus Der Untoten
Version: 2 By: ZOMB1E-KLLR

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What’s new with version 2.0???

– BO Perks: Stamin-up, PHD-Flopper(no flop), Deadshot Daq, and Mule-Kick

– Black Ops Quick-Revive

– Pack-A-Punchable Black Ops weapons (with original fire sounds) added to the Mystery Box
     a.  Galil, Famas, Dragunov, M16, HK-21, RPK, MPL, AK-74u, and the Skorpion. I wanted to add      more but I was stopped by the 1600 sound_assets error. :(

– The Colt M1911 is now Full-Auto, has more ammo, and will be available from the Mystery Box

– Buyable Ending

– A variety of opptomizes and fixes have been made

HAUS DER UNTOTEN 2.0 is alot more fun to play than the original. With the new additions added to the map, I find it to be VERY addicting.


Hey guys, it’s finally done! This is my first map that I’ve ever made and it turned out very nice. The video above is a trailer that I made about a month ago. The map is much more detailed and better looking since the trailer was filmed but it should give you a good idea what the map will be like.

Here’s a list of features this map has:

– Standard Der Riese style map with Dog Rounds

– Mystery Box with multiple spawn points

– Custom gold chrome Pack-A-Punch Texture for all WaW guns

– Special Modded MP40 (Basically a new gun)

– Hidden Song

– An easter egg type hunt with a special suprise at the end

– Plenty of little clues and hints as to the story of the map and why the 4 Zombie Slayers are there

– Supports Solo or 2-4 Players CO-OP

– Custom main menu button for Solo play

– Includes Solo and CO-OP Loadscreen

Special thanks to:

– bamskater33 and OnlineX420 for the BO perk scripts and models

– TOM_BMX for the buyable ending scripts

– Paragalor for the hidden song scripts

– SSonic70 for going out of his way to convert some Xanims for me

Enjoy guys!!!!

Also I should mention that this is the first map of a series that I will be doing. I have done alot of intricate thinking and each map in this upcoming series will be connected and woven into a detailed story line. The next map coming will be called Town23. Keep a look out for that map in the months to come!



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