Nazi Zombie Rainbow

Nazi Zombie Rainbow
By: flukey.lukey

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I’ve spent over a year on this map on and off and its finally at a stage when it is fully playable :D
Everything works at the moment but I intend over time to make it bigger and better :)
The idea of the map was to make something that was different to what people have already seen, so the map is VERY bright and colourful but has some scary contrasting areas. 

I’ve tried to make the map really fun and it also has a buy-able ending. The ending is hard to achieve and does require a bit of thinking to work it out :D

At the moment this map is not in the final stage and it does have some issues:
* Map name is nazi_zombie_tutorial (not nazi_zombie_rainbow)
*Thanks it!

Features List:

* Black Ops Perks (thanks bamskater33)
* Build-ables (thanks The Zombie Don and ConvictioNDR)
* Pack a Punch 
* Kino style telporters
* Easter eggs / secret area’s
* 2 extra weapons (G18 & Bazooka)
* Music Box (thanks tom_bmx)
* Buy-able ending! (thanks The Zombie Don)

To play the map launch the mod (nazi_zombie_tutorial 1.9), open console and type “map nazi_zombie_tutorial” and enjoy :D

*gore10101 for the win logo  brainfood1



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