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Essentially, mfm stands for my first map. Haha, oh well.
So this is m first map and it I’m pretty satisfied about how it turned out. It wasn’t originally supposed to be published but it gave enough of a challenge to be… well publishable.
It’s a small map so it’s a struggle to stay alive, especially in solo. The perk machines are reduced in price by 500 each even though it doesn’t say and there is a buyable PPSh and ending.


Buyable ending: 25K

Reduced Perk Machines (-500)

No PaP (sorry but it’s not necessary for this map)

PPSh on the wall. Thank me later.

Awesome songs in the music box (thank you Tom_bmx)
– the 3 normal songs
– Nacht Der Untoten Easter Egg – Undone
– Beauty of Annihilation sped up 1.5x (it’s sounds so much better than the original)
– Both of the ZCT main menu songs; Two Steps From Hell by Armada and Keep it in the Family by Hybrid.

Main Menu has a custom song (it’s the main menu song from Black Ops 1)

And also, to Axel from NGTZombies, the box is in the second room. Go nuts hahaha.

Thanks to:
Tom_bmx (music box)
Cinnober and The Zombie Don (support)
and a big thanks to SajeOne from UGX for the video tutorials. He’s awesome!
(I hope I didn’t forget anyone…)



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