Nazi Zombie FE1 (Fenix Estate)

Nazi Zombie FE1 (Fenix Estate)
By: jokergh2

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Nazi Zombie Fe1 (Fenix Estate)
large der riese styled map with many features from 1.4 mod as well as new features brought on by the community.
This map is based on the Gears of War 1 (for Xbox 360) area in the campaign, Fenix Estate, toward the end of the game.

3 years after your team crushed the locust in GoW, you decide to revisit Marcus’s Fathers Estate one last time.
driving up the fog rolls in heavy, as you enter your entrance is sealed behind you and you are face to face with zombies!
lol came up with it on the spot :)

buyable ray gun (hidden)
black ops perks
imported cod4 and black ops guns courtsey of rollonmath and frd, as well as tombmx for xmodel mover
edited weapons – PaP’d semi-autos now fire full auto!, and others including upgraded browning turned into a MINIGUN! and many others.
health counter, courtesy of frd
many fx’s
no dogs
moving random boxes

I got lazy with the weapon chalks so here is the key:
STG44 weapon chalk is for AK47
FG42 chalk is for Stoner 63 lmg
kar98k chalk at spawn location is for the g3 semi auto

only known glitch/bug(s) isĀ 
– un cliped random boxes (you can walk through them)
– reload sounds for hs10 do not work



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