Nazi Zombie Meth

Nazi Zombie Meth
By: iBarnett

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Hey zombie world so this is my second map called nazi_zombie_meth. things at the beginning started to go well but with my radiant luck things went to shit at the end causing me error after error. So this is the map as its going to be cuz it wont let me change a thing now it be in radiant or just launcher its self trying to re-build my mod. 

Theres a couple things that CANT be changed or fix with my ability of not knowing how things quite work.

**Jugg is only 3 hit (go down on the third)** (I know it sucks)
Added dogs back so you get a max ammo every couple rounds
Music EE only works sometimes ( No idea how that is possible but it is)
Some fx still wont work after power is turned on
Hitting endgame feature sometimes crashes the game instead of actually ending it
ALL WALL WEAPONS ARE HIDDEN!! (shootable)   look by perk machines

FOR EE. find the exhaust fan. find 5 valves to open endgame area

almost forgot to thank some people.

ZK for help with scripts and tuts 
People at UGX and GCZ for helping with random questions I asked
Bamskater for Blops perks and prefabs
Tom_bmx for endgame



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