Night Der Hospital

Night Der Hospital
By: Gamer9294

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hello everyone,

here is my zombie map: Nazi Zombie Night Der Hospital.

Some people asked me if I could upload. nazi zombie night of my hospital again.

it is a older zombie map then what i have uploaded in the previous map.

okay let’s begin about this map:

Night Der Hospital

It is a large zombie map, you mission is to find the secret teddybear that open the Pack A Punch room that you can upgrade your weapons,
and there are 3 more teddybears to open a powerups box that you can buy powerups.

little story:

You come into a city, you need help because you are injured by the war in 1978.  People have pointed out the path to where the hospital is.
When you arrived you found it strange that the hospital was already empty. When you found out that the hospital was infected you must fight against the zombies in the hospital itself.


* Bo1 weapons.
* 6 treasure chest boxes.
* Random magic box start.
* 4 perk machines.
* Der riese style teleporters.
* secret teddybears.
* eletric traps.
* power doors.
* another start weapon.
* fx’s + custom powerup fx.
* custom zombie textures
* turrets useable
and many more…

Credits to:    special thanks :)

– YaPh1l – ( scripts )
– bamskater33 – ( tutorials )
– OnlineX420 – ( black ops models )
– Frd – ( tutorial = tito from – for bo guns )
– MrHankey91 – Script placer program

and another people from
that posted a tutorials.
so everyone with scripts, tutorials, models,
or something else thank you very much.



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