Project 420

Project 420
By: localbabypoop

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Here it is, project_420 updated NO shooting zombie for some people lol, a small der riese map with a lot of craaazy textures!
NOTE: This is my first released map, so hope you have a blast,and have fun. To load the old map for single player Nazi_zombie_420 download before this update made a new load name so you could keep old one too. If you are downloading this one new type Nazi_zombie_pro420 made a load screen for both in solo .

420 is made for 420 lol and was a lot of fun making and playing , a map with 3 windows, 3 room and is wide open in case all goes wrong.

custom Weapons and some free weapons yes free, you will see Y.

One weapon put in just for one of the best spider bite just to make it a little harder lol

all 8 Perks
2 New perks Dr.D and double dew
ZK help Me with some script
Custom Pack A Punch cheese names from are man Z.K c.cube ,Custom Weapon,skins,buyable ending and more by me.3 teleports that give you a escape and a high lol.

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