Nazi Zombie Wood

Nazi Zombie Wood
By: holz

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Heyho here is my brand new Map WooD as Open Beta, i work around an half Year on it.
And make it almost for having fun at Zombie Gaming.
Yeah, hope You enjoy have fun get rich make babys … and give Feedback for Bugs or suggestions what, can be better, or must be in the Map.  ;)
CYA Greetz Holz 

Name: Wood
Style: Der Riese 
Look: european 
Feeling: Like BO2 Origins without Staffs
Size: middle-huge
Difficulty: middle 
Mapper: -=LSK=-Holz

Find 3 Parts and build them behind Church, to get a little helper to fill all Soul Chest Boxes.
Than start the Train to fleet from this Zombie Apocalypse. Use an Fontaine to flush away the Zombie Hordes.

– 10 Perks, Electric Cherry, Vultaire AID
– Wunderfizz
– Soul Chest 
– BO Weapons
– Double PaP most Weapons
– Der Riese Style Teleporters / Pack a Punch
– Zombie Counter
– Buyable Ending

– You can Pack a Punch most of the Weapons 2 Times
– No Perk Limit
– Soul Chest close Time are 90 Seconds, when you make a fast Dog Round …
– If a Dog runaway you can use the Buyable Nuke to go on (think i fix them)

Preview Video:


Bamskater33 – 8 Perks (ultimate), Electric Cherry, Vulture Aid, Wunderfizz, Weapon glow 
BluntStuffy – Soul Chest (Sry  :) ) 
Yaph1l – Typewriter Intro
GrantDaddy – Moving Objects
Treminaor – Bank
ZombieKiller – Buildables
Tom Crowley – Music Player, Tools
Swazzy – Hud
DuaLVII – Buildables, Round Sounds
Addicted – Der Riese Style Teleporters help
Ege – EE Reward
BlackJackJohnny – Terrain Tut
PaP Camos: 
TheKillerey, Chromastone10, RobinW96
For some BO Weapon Tutorials:
Treminaor, SajeOne, Elfenlied, Tom Crowley
For some Prefabs:
FreeCodCinematics, JBird632, ediedi3, Ray1235, n123q45
Music from Video:
Martin Garrix




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