Santa's Little Secret
Version: 1.1 By: Yonkers 1v

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Santas Little Secret

Made By IMTEHPRO123 & Yonkers 1v 
(I made this whole mod,  IMTEHPRO123 made the whole ugx mod version)

UGX mod version

Story line:

It is 5 days before Christmas and the world has been infested with zombies, a global out brake tears the world apart, but fortunately before Santa became well you know a Z. He predicted the apocalypses and decided to make a nuke containing the T gas to save the world, well what remained of it, so he sent a letter to you because he knew your are the ones that could finish the mission. To complete his quest you must investigate his factory and find location of the nuke and launch it, can you do it? The world is counting on you, good luck solider’s  

Update v1.1
– fixed bugs and glitches
– lowered health on george

– GrantDaddy007 freeze gun script
– custom view hands made by me
– Boss zombie
– Jug fix
– 9 perks
– wonderfizz
– buyable ending
– insta-kill removed
– no dogs
– Custom load screen’s
– all custom weaponry
– Custom gun and equipment textures
– Christmas hud
– zombie counter
– soul box
– teleporters
– easter egg
– custom zombies

Special Thanks / Credit to
– BluntStuffy
– Ugx and zm Comunity
– Bamskater33
– ZK (Zombie Killer) (youtube:
– Gamer9294
– zombiemadness (aka: Roke) (guns)
– sevengpluke
– Cod_neñe
– JR-Imagine
– shippuden1592
– treminaor
– GrantDaddy007



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