The P&C Team Presents: Library

The P&C Team Presents: Library
By: P and C Team

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We are a german Mapping Team and we want you present our first(!) map, Library!

Lead Mapping:    Seventy7 aka Philipp
Lead Scripting and Modding: ECZ_ZombieClan aka. Christian

This Map Contains:

– Sliding Intro
– New start weapon (C96)!
– All WAW Perks (including Fixed Juggernog!)
– All BO1 Perks (including fully working PhD, with Dolphin Dive!!)
– 1 BO2 Perk (Electric Cherry)
– Eastereggs!
– Boss Zombie!
– No Dogs!
– Ported Wepons from WAW MP, Ghosts and BO2 Zombies!
– All Weapons have been Changed!
– New Sounds for the MP40, Thompson and PPSh
– Moving Box!
– Buyable Endgame!
– Kino Style Teleporter!
– Dropable Perks!
– Some Cool Effects!
– New Powerups!
– New Powerup Announcement Sounds (Selfmade & from Ville88!)
– Jukebox!
– New Reskin Zombies
– New PAP Effect
– New PAP Skin!
– Satchel Charges!
– New STG44 Model!
– BO2 Viewhands!
– Buyable Monkeys!
– New Awesome Textures
– 800/400 Points Nuke/Hammer, if Double Points
– Buildables
– FOV Changed

Beta Tester:

-Leeeeeeeeooo aka. Leo
-Z0MBIEMUFFIN aka. Dillon
-WarfareBasti aka. Basti
-SuperMari004 aka. Mario
-and the Developers! :D

Credits To:

-Seventy7 & ECZ_ZombieClan for the mapping & scripting!
-ZK aka. ZOMB1E-KLLR for his awesome Tutorials!
-Yaphil for some startup help, Indicator Lights and for the Viewhands Script!
-//PROxFTW for the PHD Flopping Script!
-bamskater33 for his Tutorials and Black Ops Perks!
-Ville88 for his maxammo & double points powerup sounds!
-Paragalor for his Boss Zombie!
-ZMBS DON GOONY&GTLAD for the Dropable Perks!
-deper63923 for the custom powerup effects!
-Swazzy for his awesome HUD!    
-Treminator for his Jukebox and Easy FX!
-MakeCents for BO Perk FX fix!
-InFInIX for no cheat script
-Elfenlied for HoneyBadger
-Tom_Bmx for Tools and Precache Script
-CFG for Some Weapons
-DualVII for Buildables
-Pashan for Picture Puzzle
-ProxFtw for Hitmarker Script
-Rorke for some Weapons
-Elfenliedtopfan5 for Honey Badger
-Rollonmath42 for Ripper
-Cryptic For The Sliding Intro
-deper63923 for Custom Powerup Effects
-bamskater33 for the BO Perks and Electric Cherry
-Treminaor for Jukebox and UGX Easy FX

If we missed someone in the credits, don’t be shy and point it out :)

Have fun playing our map!

– The P&C Zombie Maps Team



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