UGX Requiem

UGX Requiem
Version 1.1 By: treminaor

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This map features UGX Mod v1.1! For a full list of features, click here.

It’s finally here! UGX Requiem is the latest map from the UGX-Mods team – featuring UGX Mod v1.1.
Map Features:
  • Winnable Ending – You won’t be buying your way out of this one! Fight your way to the finish to earn some awesome rewards and tools to lead into a high-round game or just a couple rounds of fun!
  • Buildables Table – Build the parts for the power switch and one other item later in the map! Keep track of what parts you have by pressing TAB (solo) or ESC/Pause (coop).
  • Insane Objective – Prepare for one of the most fun objective sets you’ll ever experience in Custom Zombies! Some say it rivals Treyarch in creativity and fun!
  • Awesome Side Quest – No map is complete without a worthwhile side quest! See if you can find it! The reward is worthwhile.
  • Lots of Perks – Requiem features every single perk ever made in official Call of Duty Zombies except for Electric Cherry and Vulture Aid. We believe that EC is overpowered and unneeded, and VA is just a useless terrible perk.
  • Melee Weapon – Hack and Slash your way through the zombie apocalypse! Make sure you beat your friends at finding it!
  • A Freaking See-Saw – Take a short-cut to escape the zombies! Screw over your friends by leaving them behind! The fastest way to end a friendship.
  • Dynamic Weather – The rain will transition from storm to drizzle randomly while you play – there’s also thunder and lightning. When you walk into buildings the sound of the rain will change to an indoor tone.

Map Credits:
Mapping (First-half of map + all script implementations): treminaor
Mapping (Everything else): xJimmy33
Scripting: treminaor
Q.A. Testing: MrSlagovich, DeathBringerZen, tomikaze, treminaor, SajeOne
Objective Ideas/Planning: tomikaze (mastermind & evil genius), MrSlagovich, treminaor

Mod Credits:
Scripting: treminaor
Custom Modeling & Animations: SajeOne
Weapon Porting (models, anims, sounds, weaponfile stats): SajeOne & lukkie1998
Model & Anim Porting Programs: Tom_BMX
Various Ported Models and Anims Also Provided By: RamboBadass, JBird632, other people who requested to remain anonymous.
Q.A. Testing: MrSlagovich, DeathBringerZen, tomikaze, treminaor, SajeOne



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