Nazi Zombie Feto

Nazi Zombie Feto
Version: 1.1 By: efzoz

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Probably the last version, I don’t have the map file anymore  :( 

Nazi_zombie_feto v1.1:

added the cursed zombie
added the head shot quest
added the thunder gun mini quest
edited the skull ability
edited some small details
fixed one small glitch
added more fun!

It took me some time to make this map, it’s my first map so I learned how to make it while I was making it.

I have found and fixed like a THOUSAND OF BUGS, but if one of those bastards is still out there and you manage to find it, call the police immediately.

For those of you wondering, the map’s name was supposed to be Nazi_zombie_Old_Castle, but Nazi_zombie_Feto was a internal joke between my friends and me. Now it’s the mod name  :)

Some things you may find:

Ending objectives (Can be found right at the begining of the map)
Hints (You can buy hints in the library)
custom trap
Free pap (one time only and you have to do something to get it)


alternative ending
special ability

Known bugs:

If you activate the PaP teleporter and leave it right away it may crash, not allowing players to pack a punch anymore
game might freeze for 2 seconds after the player opens a specific door in solo
one of the windows is not rebuildable

beta testers:

Sugar Cakes
Chris Frank


c.h.n –> farm prefab
ville88 –> Old cemetery prefabs 
JR-Imagine –> zombie counter
BluntStuffy –> soul chest
Aidan –> kino-style teleporter
BamSkater –> Zipline and bo1 perks
Treminaor –> adapted Bamskater’s bo1 perks scripts to work with Ugx Mod
MakeCents –> Shootable doors
hardpoint_taken –> climbing traverse prefab
sniperbolt –> tut and prefabs
bobby_z_begin –> Buildable Satchel Charge w/ Randomized Part


Koan –> fov slider tut
BlackJackJonnyy –> YT Tutorial
ZOMB1E-KLLR –> YT Tutorial
HUGE THANKS to vitinhogame for beta testing… BETA TESTING A LOT!
HUGE THANKS to UGX TEAM for their amazing stuff
HUGE THANKS to UGX FORUM MEMBERS for their patience and help. Among them, specifically:
ProRevenge –> forum help (explained how to get rid of those messages in zone_manager)
JBird632 –> forum help (explained about g_spawn error so I could get rid of it)


I messed up with the bears in that last update…

what does it changes:

bears fixed
bear radar cost is now visible
skull will follow the next player alive when the one being followed goes into laststand
players will no longer miss “the thing in the sky” in the end



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