The Evil Dead!

The Evil Dead!
By: NateTheGreat987

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There are more rooms but those are really the only ones I want to show!

The map is based on the cabin from Evil Dead 1,2 and Ash Vs Evil Dead! Being a huge fan of the evil dead trilogy I always wanted a evil dead zombies map, and here it is. Remember this is my first map so it probably wont be the best but I may change it in the future. I tried making the cabin as small as possible but still fit everything I want but I found it really hard too. So the cabin is unrealistically big compared to in the moviesĀ  :derp: The map is pretty challenging and I feel like that fits more with The Evil Dead. Sadly no there are no chainsaws or axes. I started making this in October and it took me so long to make and was very complicated and frustrating. No HellHounds

This map is recommended to be played in 1-2 players. In 4 it gets very crowded

I hope you enjoy!

Speed Cola
Double tap
Quick Revive

T4M might be required!

shippuden1592 – tranzit models
pashan – fridge
Scobalula – modern perk shaders
Marsvinking – Debris,Blocker,Door_prefab
Marsvinking – 33 custom textures

People that helped with problems
natesmithzombies – Zones
Harry Bo21 – Custom Textures
HitmanVere – Custom Textures.

Thanks to the people who did a youtube video of my map. I appreciate it very much



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