Dead Palace

Dead Palace
Version: 1.1 By: Riptide

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You find yourself on a small island… and the tide is rising. It doesn’t help that you can’t swim. You must find a way get to safety before you are overtaken by the water. And if that’s not bad enough, the natives are all Zombies!

– NO PUMP Challenge –
Difficulty – HARD
Rules: Buy the ending without purchasing any pumps
If you’ve managed to stay dry and beat the map, try it again this time without buying any pumps! Here’s my go:
Credits and Thanks:
BluntStuffy, Tutorials & Scripts
ZK, Tutorials & Scripts
SajeOne,  Tutorials
BlackJackJonny, Tutorials
TomBMX, Melee Weapons
PROxFTW, Hitmarkers
David Larson, Models
Unity, Models



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