Nazi Zombie Corrosion

Nazo Zombie Corrosion
By: ville

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This collectible card of such a famous mapper as the GBomb. It was made for them
map pack (collection of cards) to the fashion “zombie realism” and until that day there existed only
in one form, in the form of one of the cards for this mod.
Now, in order to play it separately, you do not need to download the “zombie realism” mod and play
Only under this mod, you can download and run it.

My patch and fix: (or what I added and fixed)
I fixed the sound of a bursting head when a bullet hit a skull
Also corrected the text and the purchase price of weapons Arisaka
Corrected the server name in the host
Added the ability to run from the menu (without recording the name of the card in the console)
Added screen host menu
Added screen game menu
Added screen loading maps in co-op

About the map itself:
Style – SinoNoNum
Perks – 4
Electro traps
Electro Zombie appearance – causing damage
Fiery Appearance of Zombies – with Damage
Doors for the price of 2000



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