By: Alex TMG

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Trent is a Zombies map based in an industrial estate. The map is currently in very early development, it is my first ever time using Radiant and my first ever Mod, so feedback will be greatly appreciated!

As this was my first ever time making a map, this was more of a learning experiance of the Mod Tools, so I don’t think I will be adding more areas as I have some designs flaws within the design itself, however I have started working on a map that will make some original Counter Strike fans happy so stay tuned for that! Remember to follow my Steam Workshop Profile.

*CHALLENGE* Beat my score of Round 15. Get Juggernaut, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2.0, Mule Kick (No Quick Revive Solo) & 3 Double Pack-a-punched weapons by the end of Round 15.

Update 1 – I’ve made this with 36 Hours played on the Mod Tools in 2 and a half days, so a complete map is gonna take a lot longer!

Update 2 – Added Zones, changed the catwalk, added more Zombie Doors

Also if you play my map & upload to YouTube or Livestream, tweet me the video @TechMediaGuys


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