Secret Facility

Secret Facility
By: ForeverKnifes

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Hello everyone, welcome to Secret Facility. This is my absolute first map ever and i have been working on it since October 10th. I want give a big thanks to three Youtubers in specific, “JBird632, CraftDAnimations, Uptownpapi25”. Without these guys i wouldnt have even attempted to create this map because of how complicated it is but these guys showed me just how to do it. I want to keep expanding and making my map better and better. That isnt possible without the help of the community. Im extremely open feedback/criticism of all sorts as it really helps to know the good and bad of my map. Im also looking for idea to expand on my map and make it better and do not worry i will most definetly give credit to those that give me feedback and ideas to add on to my map. Lastly, i just want to thank everyone that downloads my map and i hope you enjoy it. This is only the alpha, so therefore this is only the first part of my map so far. *DISCLAIMER* dont worry about the low quality photos,1.not sure why steam makes them looks terrible and 2. its probably only because my monitor can not support high graphics without running like a potato. I have ordered a new monitor that should allow me to do so but it shouldnt affect anyone else. If you want better photos check my profile in my photos. If anyone could possibly take better/cinematic images that would be much appreaciated and wont go unmentioned!

-7 Perks
-Mystery Boxes
-Pack A Punch
-Multiple Doors

Here I will update everything I put into my map as it goes 😉
Version 1.0



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