Rathaus der Untoten

Rathaus der Untoten
By: Mumen Rider

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Still wip map.
Please let me know whether you liked it or not. If you have some ideas of what I could add, please let me know 🙂

Little historic background:
Germany was about to lose the second world war against the allies. They decided to do research on the human body in many research facilities. One day scientists discovered a way to bring fallen soldiers back to live. However the resurrected bodies had a lack of humanness. They continued their researches next to a small german village. Soon the test subjects broke out…

What the map offers so far:
–> More playable space than many other maps
–> Pretty well detailed town hall
–> Box
–> Working dog rounds
–> Perks
–> Doors
–> Zombie Zones

Planned for the Future:
–> More details (everywhere)
(–> Teleporter ) Maybe
–> More Perks
–> More Wallbuys
–> WW2 weapons
–> Tiny Easter Egg

Planned fixes:
–> Wallbuys
–> Barriers



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