Quarantine 190-05

Quarantine 190-05
By: Bird Person

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This is the release of my first custom map. I spent around 40 hours learning how to use Radiant and the basics of custom mapping. This is what I have to show for that. So keep in mind, if you are checking out this map please don’t expect anything fancy!

Map includes:
-Shootable EE with free perk reward
-Buyable Powerups
-An Armory room with wonder weapon wallbuys: Thundergun, Ray Gun M3, Lil’ Arnies, Monkey Bombs, etc
-A lot of inside jokes and little easter eggs for the people who lived in the apartment this is based on
-ALL BO3 PERKS including Electric Cherry
-Perk limit greater than 4
-Gobblegum machine
-SHIELD (no sound effects for shield yet)
-Mystery box with various locations
-Buyable doors
-Rebuildable windows
-Fun zombie killin

Again, this isn’t the final version, I am still updating it to make the lighting, etc better!

And a big thank you to these people below:

-UGO aka Wakka on Youtube, along with ZCTxCHAOSx for teaching me about zones and basic radiant skills
-UGX Mods for their wiki where I was able to download the dog spawner prefab and mystery box prefabs
-CraftDAnimation on Youtube for some great beginner’s tutorials. He does a perfect job explaining everything
-Modme Wiki for the shield parts and buildable table
-natesmithzombies on the Modme forum for posting code to increase the perk limit in game
-ARDIVEE for the useraliases sound file template

Known bugs:
No gun sounds on some of the special weapons
Large groups of zombies can sometimes get stuck trying to enter the front door.
You can’t rocket shield boost through doorways


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