Zombie Hotel Lobby

Zombie Hotel Lobby
By: Revox

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Map includes 7 perks:
– Stamina Up
– Deadshot
– Double Tap
– Jugger Nog
– Quick Revive
– Speed Cola
– Mule Kick
– Pack’a’Punch
– Wall buys
– Shield
– Buildable Power Switch
– Gubble Gums
– Custom Camos

The Beta 4.0 consists of 6 areas, the inside lobby, outdoor, werehouse, the roof top, outside werehouse area and newly added parking .
Any bug reports and feedback will be greatly appreciated and can earn you a mention in the credits 🙂

I am currently working on the EasterEgg and buildables for the map as well as new area. new update will be released as soon as i finish new area for the map. Good Luck & Happy Zombie Hunting!

– Zombie Counter by: NateSmithZombies


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