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This map was made for NoahJ456 and his fans! He has great videos and recently I’ve been teaching myself how to use modtools thanks to the help of all the people who made video tutorials and scripts for the things I implemented in the map.

The map features:

Noah’s logo
8 rooms (Inside of the letters of Noah’s logo)
No perk limit
9 perks
Electric cherry easter egg! (Comment if you solve it!)
Buildable shield
Kino style teleporter
Jump pads
Buyable ending

Known bugs:
Teleporter messes up when multiple players use it at the same time. (Some may get stuck)

Special thanks to the following that made this map possible.

NoahJ456- Watching him inspired me and gave me the idea of the map.
NateSmithZombies- Created a majority of the scripts.
Redspace200 and Porter- Created Jump pad scripts.
Uptownpapi25- Made many of the video tutorials I used.
JBird632- Made some tutorial videos I used.
CraftDAnimations- Also created video tutorials I used.
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