Darkness Challenge

Darkness Challenge
By: Igor

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Loxis challenge #1
Survive in Darkness and get best score


Wave 1-5 Bad player
Wave 6-9 beginner
Wave 10-18 normal game
Wave 19-29 Good Game
Wave 30-44 Expert
Wave 45+ professional

Best : round 47 MomWontHugMe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKPGguJg5aQ)
Send vidéo for New Best Score

Multiplayer Score (More simple than solo) :
[Coming soon]


Features :

-Play in Darnkness (no big light)
-Fast Party
-Strategic spawn (for no camp)
-All invincibility glitch fix
-Challenge (hard light , Only two perk … )
-all unlock in start


If the map is appreciated
Coming soon :

-Buyable ending (cost : 20 000 ? )
-Custom Camo
-Secret song
and mores…

Map By Loxis77 (for “challenge” one Ideas/one day/one map )

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