The Basement

The Basement
By: Tafurious

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WIP map.

Big Thanks to the following

UptownPapi25(Grow Souls and Door Key scripts and Buildable Power, tutorials)
M.A.K.E.C.E.N.T.S(Grow souls)
CraftDAnimations(Wall Buys and Electric Cherry Easter Egg, tutorials)
Madgaz Gaming (Tutorials and Magic Box)
GAM3VIDZ(Widows Wine tutorial)
shinged(buildable power)
natesmithzombies(Brutus, keycard)
Janine Smith(Lava textures)
Wes McDermott(textures)

I may have missed some people that I should give credit too. If you feel that you should be mentioned, please message me immediatly! I’m not perfect so I’m liable to mess things up and forget people.

This a WIP map that is designed to be a frantic and fast zombies experience. Find the buildable generator parts and fight your way down to the Pack a Punch room! Unlock the Pack A Punch by growing the brains! Very few wall buyables. Designed to be an unforgiving map.

This is the first map I have ever created for a video game, so mistakes and glitches may be found. Please report any defects so I may fix them. I will continue to edit the map and make it better! So if it looks kinda crappy, that’s because I’m going to add more to it. The map file is called zm_newdefense

UPDATE! Recently added volcanic features that explain why the map looks destroyed
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