Insane Rainbow Revenge

Insane Rainbow Revenge
By: IceGrenade

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EPILEPSY WARNING: DO NOT PLAY IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY AS IT CONTAINS A TONNE OF FLASHING LIGHTS AFTER YOU ACTIVATE POWER! We are back, with a much x3 bigger, much crazier filled map with crazy features and all new catchy music!

This is a very difficult map. Please do not get too frustrated with it. Other than that have a little bit of luck and yeah… it may take a few/several tries. Good luck. If you can’t beat it… git gud. 😉 Good luck. In advance… sorry if you find this too hard… watch the video on how to beat this…

=======Watch the development and lols=======
Going live to stream this now… check out my livestream:

=======Check out le channel=======
Learn to map, Custom Zombie Map Reviews & Livestreams:

– Buyable Ending
– Custom Easter Egg Shootable (Find x5 Chickens to unlock rest of map and packa punch)
– Custom Sounds (Round and Voxes)
– All default perks, Cherry, Widows, Vulture, Tombstone, PHD & Whos Who thanks to Wardogsk93 & xsanchez78!
– Custom weapons thanks to Erthrock
– Epic new powerups thanks to Natesmithszombies
– Spare Change thanks to Natesmithzombies
– Camo is Gorod Krovi
– Added Wonderfizz thanks to Wardogsk93
– Turn power off to reset lights.
– x30 money bags stashed around the map
– Electric Traps thanks to Uptownpapi25

The map has been more than doubled in size, now near the end you can open up a large area in the map. Enjoy the new electric maps courtesy of uptownpapi25. x20 added flashing light fx (more visible after power enabled). Many more models and shaping added to the map.
The map now has 54 zones, rather than the original with 17… this means improved spawning and higher difficulty. Good luck!

Help fund me making more maps 😀 <3

Don’t take this map seriously… unless you don’t want to have fun… enjoy the royalty-free sounds in the game… 100% no copyrights on any media used ingame.

Shoot all 5 chickens to open PaP Glass Door
Spoiler: Above spawn, statue hands, up high, out windows, outer wall
Shoot upto 30 money bags to get free cash
Use those point builders to get your money up
Use the traps wisely
Activate Power before Music to achieve Lights on Power on
Meat Shields… If you have no ammo, stand at the front and use your body as a barrier for fellow players protection
Hint: Prowling Eyes

=======Team Leaderboard=======
1st Won @ Round 31: TheRelaxingEnd, Ice_Grenade, Lucaswik & DJ#
2nd Won @ Round 31: TNoZ ViRTu0zZ, Nosif28_-_, AegisFalcon, UNICORN
3rd Won @ Round 34: orel746, FredBSide

=======Solo Leaderboard=======
1st Won @ Round 37: TheScrappyCrappy
2nd Won @ Round 40: Quiet_Man_

To get on the leaderboards please link a video of your playthrough of the map and specify your name. Thanks.



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