Skigebiet Der Toten

Skigebiet Der Toten
By: IceGrenade

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Another formidable challenge… this time on the Lovely Mountains in Austria. Find your way out of this dark nightmare and attempt beating this challenge. Diffidulty Rating: 6.5/10 Take on the higher difficulty zombies and rising door costs to find an eventual ending. Good Luck… you may need it 😉 Easier with more players. Please don’t forget to Check out and rate this map up if you enjoyed it.

Don’t take this map seriously… unless you don’t want to have fun… enjoy the royalty-free sounds in the game… 100% no copyrights on any media used ingame. This map was only made in 2 days so don’t expect a marvel in the graphics department. Enjoy the map and the challenge! ZOMBIES CAN RUN THROUGH BARRIERS WATCH OUT

…from the guy that brought you the lovely Rainbow Challenges, Backlot & Devil Descent XD

This is a bad example of mapping and should not be replicated. A good map deserves a decent amount of time and effort. I am working on 3 big projects with one expected to take about 2 years in production, so these maps I make for myself as I like a good challenge in zombies and I make them public for my viewers. I make these as I like playing challenging maps and there are not enough on the workshop. If you want to play a decent map I advise you go check out one like Retribution; that’s a map with some real work put into it. My quick maps are just little fun things, no more than that. Thanks.

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– Buyable Ending
– Custom Shootable Money IceGrenade
– Music – IceGrenade – Aknewgod Indifferently
– Custom Sounds (Round and Voxes)
– All default perks, Cherry, Widows, Vulture, Tombstone, PHD & Whos Who thanks to Wardogsk93 & xsanchez78!
– Custom Weapons:[aw_arx, ak12, sn6, mk14, s12] thanks to Jdcobra1
– Custom Weapons:[thompson, honey, ak74u, commando, makarov] thanks to Erthrock
– Epic new powerups thanks to Natesmithszombies
– MakeCents Epic GrowSouls Script
– Spare Change thanks to Natesmithzombies
– Camo is Gorod Krovi
– Added Wonderfizz thanks to Wardogsk93
– Increased Difficulty thanks to Ardivee
“Galway” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Shoot stuff for money
Shoot Blue stuff for shield room

=======Team Leaderboard=======
1st Won @ Round 25: EpicGamer|NL|, Mat Bonkeye
2nd Won @ Round 27: dexter_code, zirroxYTB, Nosif28
3rd Won @ Round 30: TRiNO, Tyler Durden

=======Solo Leaderboard=======
1st Won @ Round 27: Quiet_Man_
2nd Won @ Round 29: IceGrenade
3rd Won @ Round 31: McSpandex
Won @ Round 33: TRICKY
Won @ Round 33: F3n1ks

To get on the leaderboards please link a video of your playthrough of the map and specify your name. Thanks.



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