Zombie Desert Remastered

Zombie Desert Remastered
By: Noahhyeet

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Hello and Welcome to Zombie Desert Remastered

This map was originally on WaW Custom Zombies. So I decided to remake it for BO3 Custom Zombies.
By the way, thank you guys so much for 11,000 Subscribers. And Thank you guys for the 4 STAR RATING!!!!
I appreciate it very much 🙂

WaW Zombie Desert (Credit goes all to him for making this on WaW) :

Note :
I recommend NOT getting Vulture Aid still, trust me it’ll get annoying fast

Note :
The Perk limit is 6, and there is 13 perks. So choose wisely.

Recently updated V1.5:
Added M8A1, AN94, Remmington New Model, SVU, RPG, S12, and a few more
Added a new powerup that you guys might like
Added the Juggernog Machine to the map
Changed Perk icons to Black Ops 1 Zombies Icons

Features :
Verruckt Runners (Round 1 runners)
Buyable ending for 200000 points ( i know, its alot of points but its pretty easy.)
Alot of custom weapons.
Easter Egg song. (TRUST ME, song is not copyrighted.)
M1911 starting weapon.
Origins HUD HD
Zombie Money
PaP Power up (because of no PaP machine)
Broken Bottle (Extra Perk Slot)
Frosty’s Custom Zombie Eyes
Frosty’s BO2 Death Anim

Credits :
NateSmithZombies for many scripts
CraftDAnimations for helping me with his tutorials
Frosty Iceforge for Custom Zombie Eyes and BO2 Death Anim
Hamwunk for Verruckt Runners
RudySPG for Origins HUD HD
HarryBo21 for the Awesome custom weapons.
ElRicos for some Amazing Custom weapons
fusorf for the Black Ops 1 Perk Icons
ZoekmeMaar for the Pack-a-punch power up.
Trey J. Anderson for Amazing Easter egg song
Treyarch for Models and Textures

I Hope you all enjoy Zombie Desert Remastered



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