The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece
By: Symbo

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After meeting with the Dr.Monty, the origin’s crew got to find their way to the House. Give the monkeys the souls they need and force the Shadowman to help you, but it might be what he wants.

Easter Eggs:
ShadowMan’s side or Monty’s side.
– JumpPad
– Brutus arena
– wunderfizz
– Grow souls
– Timed gameplay
– running zombies
– Buyable ending
– Teleporter
– No doors
– Hard map
– Cutscene (requires DLC 4)

3 Shadowman hiding in the trees, 4 souls ritual, 5 pyramids, 3 statues.
Most steps requires all players.

Thanks to:
Madgaz, IceGrenade, M.A.K.E.CENTS, Nate Smith Zombies, WARDOGSK93, Uptownpapi25, RedSpace200.



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