The Ochilon

The Ochilon
By: ZeRoy, YaTuChavez & Madgazgaming

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Our four heroes once again find themselves trapped in a new nightmare, with fabrik behind them, what new horrors await in this school of the damned….

** Map credits ** 

Divine fury ( vista forest mapping , custom dog models,animating, scripting wonder weapon animating and rigging)

Mattarra ( wonder weapon script and duck power up script )

Natesmith (custom perk machines and jumpscare )

Jerri ( main Easter egg script, ice bull blast, boss fight scripting )

Will jones (initial start of EE script, kino style box location boards )

Frost forge ( zombie eyes )

Matt (all custom sounds on map)

Keegan (headmaster audios )

Seasondrag ( all custom artwork and animation for cutscene (COMING SOON) ) 

Legitiments gamer ( custom images and artwork )

Tito ( for many of the weapon ports)

Black Death ( Gallil port )

Harry (shield buildable) 

Zeroy ( many tutorials help and guide throughout, zombie models)

Grimm ( vista building in spawn) 

Makecents (for the flintlock weapon scripts)

John (Willard Wyler, discord… Perk shader for Bull Ice Blast)

Porter for his tools 
Azsry tutorials 

Thanks to all beta testers for helping me sort the glitches out before release, also massive thanks to anyone that has shown interest and support in this map means a lot



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