The Cavern

The Cavern
By: MoTivE

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** Update 1** – 17/05/2017

1. I have fixed the issue of zombies getting caught on narrow stairs by widening them a little.
2. Fixed a few clipping of objects in the map.
3. I have also made changes to the prices of debris and other features in the map more expensive, hope this makes it a bit more challenging for you guys. 🙂

Let me know if you lot find anymore bugs and i will try and fix them asap.

Thank you!



Welcome to “The Cavern” which is my tower challenge map, this is my first attempt at mapping using BO3 Mod Tools! I initially planned to release it few months ago but had the misfortune of my hardrive going on me but managed to recover my files for this map so am publishing it now for you guys to enjoy…

I currently have no plans to work it on it any longer, as i am going to move onto another project soon.


– Shootable easter egg (find the 3 monkeys if you can)
– Say hello to Brutus when he arrives 🙂
– Custom wall buys and mystery box weapons
– Custom round sounds and enviroment music
– Custom Power-ups
– Jump pad (if you locate it)

Leave feedback of what you guys think, (Be kind haha as is my first try for a complete beginner to mapping only had a few months of learning Radiant)



I will be adding credits for this map in due time as it has been a few months since i made this so need to compile the list of all the great tutorials I have learnt from and assets used in the map, but i know you all most probably can guess the majority of them anyway!
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