Summoner’s Rift Zombies

Summoner's Rift Zombies
By: 2Will

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League of Legends Zombies!
Volumetric lighting is recommended!

*** Note: PhD Flopper does NOT protect you against Napalm zombies. They would be completely useless when you have flopper otherwise. ***

Zombies Chronicles Assets including buildable staffs, G-strike, Napalm/Shrieker zombies, Origins templar zombies, other weapons, etc
All custom weapons from COD IW, AW, Ghosts, BO2, League of Legends (Ziggs), BO3
Origins One-Inch Punch (Upgradable!)
Fully custom HUD, some custom graphics/models
13 Perks including Black Ops 1 & 2 perks
Gorod Krovi/Revelations Dragon shield (Upgradable!)
Gorod Krovi PaP camo and round sounds
Soul chests
Buyable ending
Song Easter egg + Shootable Easter egg
Jump Pad
Gobblegum Machines
Ported models straight from League of Legends
and MORE!

Weapon List:

Zombies Chronicles – M1911, Mauser, AK74u, MP40, STG44, MG08, Galil, Raygun Mk2, M16, One Inch Punch / Iron Fist, Wonderwaffe
Infinite Warfare: R-VN, Trencher, Longbow, Erad, NV4, Volk, Mualer, Minigun (Auger), Kbar32, Type2, Mactav45
Ghosts: Honeybadger, MTAR-X
AW: M1 Irons, BAL27
BO2: B23R, HAMR, AN94
MW2: Intervention
League of Legends: Ziggs

Treyarch, Activision, Riot Games, Harrybo21, Oshawat, NateSmithZombies, DTZxPorter, Azsry, HitmanVere, M5_Prodigy, Ricos, ElTitoPricus, EasySkan ka, DuaLVII, ProRevenge, StevieWonder87, BluntStuffy, RedSpace200, thezombieproject, Smasher248, JiffyNoodles, MZSlayer, AndyWhelen, HitmanVere, ProGamerzFTW, Scobobula, GerardS0406, PCModder, IperBreach, TomBMX, AllModz, dukezap1, Lilrifa, Rollonmath, Jia909, Collie

Let me know if I missed anyone!

Known Issues:
Zombies sometimes freeze when walking through water
Staffs sometimes disappear after being crafted



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