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Infected V2
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In Short

This mod adds the well-known gamemode ‘Infected’ to the game.
It is a port of my Modern Warfare 2 Infected mod.
The mod features 12 sub-gamemodes, which vary from using specific weapon sets,
to a GunGame with an infection.
Also, the mod features a voting system, where the specific sub-gamemode is determined by the players before the game starts.
Tactical Insertions are introduced aswell.

To start a game of infected, simply load the mod, and start a game of Team-Deathmatch*.
To add bots to the game, simply set the desired number of bots like you normally would, or set the following DVAR to the desired number of bots: scr_inf_bots
For example, typ into the console:

\scr_inf_bots 10

Which set the amount of bots in your game to 10.
Thats it! You’re good to go.

*If you want, you can also set the gametype to “infected”.
This only changes the gamemode designation in the serverlist.
Team-Deathmatch was hijacked so even not-so-tech-savy people could use the mod.

For gamesettings, see the DVAR section

Adminmenu for the host

To make the server setup a lot easier, the mod comes with its own admin menu.
Press the Sprint and Use button at the same time to open and close the menu.
Note: To open the menu, hold both keys for a seconds.
From here you can quickly kick players or adjust game settings.
All controls of the menu are listed when opening the menu.
It is also possible to disable this menu. Therefor you need to set the dvar scr_inf_disableAdminMenu to 1.


This mod features, at the moment, the following sub-gamemodes:

Knife vs Assault Rifles – Survivors all have a random Assault Rifle
Knife vs Submachineguns – Survivors all have a random SMG
Knife vs Snipers – Survivors all have a random Sniper Rifle
Knife vs Shotguns – Survivors all have a random Shotgun
Knife vs LMG – Survivors all have a random LMG
Knife vs Random Weapons – Survivors have random weapons
Knife vs Fixed Random Weapon – All Survivors have the same, randomly selected Weapon
Knife vs Bolt Action – All survivors have bolt-action rifles with an ELO Sight
Knife vs GunGame – Infected and Survivors progress through a random set of weapons.
Knife vs Unlimited Launchers – The Survivors have launchers with an unlimited supply of ammo.
Knife vs Suicide Bombers – The Infected can blow themselfs up with explosives.
Knife vs Black Market – Survivors and Infected use only the unlockable Black Market weapons.


Q:So, how do I use this mod?
A:Enable it, go to Multiplayer, select Custom Game. As gamemode select Team-Deathmatch*. Make sure the Bot-settings
are set to 0 bots. Don’t worry, you can still play with bots. That comes in the next FAQ question.
Select your favourite map. Click Start Game. That it! You are playing a game of infected

Q:How do I add bots to the game?
A:Do the following:
– Press ~. This key is located left of the ‘1’.
– On the top of your screen you will see a textbar, the console. Type:
\scr_inf_bots 10
– This will add 10 bots to your game. Type \scr_inf_bots 16 to add 16 bots.
You can also use the admin menu to add/remove bots to your game.

Q:My game freezes after X seconds during the Vote Gametype.
A:This may happen the first time you start the mod in a session. Just be patient, don’t do anything.
After a few seconds the game will resume as normal. It will not occur again next round.

Q:Can I disable the voting, or set the gamemode to a specific one?
A:You can! See the DVAR section, more specificly, the following DVARS:

Q:Can I set up a fixed map rotation?
A:Ofcourse! See the DVARs scr_inf_mapRotation and scr_inf_useMapRotation in the DVAR section.

Q:Can I add custom maps to the Map Vote after each round?
A: Yes. Do the following: First, set scr_inf_validateMaps to 0.
Next, make sure scr_inf_useMapRotation is set to 0 to allow the Map Vote to happen.
Finally, insert all custom maps you want to be added in the vote pool to scr_inf_customMaps.
For example, I want the following custom maps added to my vote pool:
mp_ratz, mp_killhouse and mp_mycustommap.
Thus I type into the console:
\scr_inf_customMaps “mp_ratz mp_killhousemp_mycustommap”
These maps now might show up in each map vote, since the vote options are picked randomly.
See the DVAR section for more options regarding limiting/expanding the map list.

Q:The game just keeps going after each round. How do I return to the lobby?
A:Either quit the game, or set the DVAR scr_inf_voteMap to 0
(and if you moddified scr_inf_mapRotation, set it to 0 aswell)

Q:I can’t boost jump/slide as Infected!
A:By default, Infected players earn the ability to slide at 2, and boost jump at 4 kills total.
You can modify this with some DVARs. See the DVAR section (scr_inf_infectedBoostKillsNeeded).


The DVAR Section was too long to fit in the description box. Visit the following link for the DVARs:



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