Spear Pillar

Spear Pillar
By: Zindea

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You want a real challenge? Reach round 35 and you are qualified as a good zombie player. In this map you can’t choose wich weapon you get. The game does it for you. And the perks are not only rare. They don’t even spawn on the map.

In this challenge map you will get a new weapon each round that is chosen randomly by the game. This goes on until round 10 where you will be rewarded with a chance of getting a packed weapon. At this round you will also be given a free quick revive to make it easier for people that hate training without jugg. At round 15 the zombies will get stronger but the game will also give you a zombie shield each round from this round on. At round 20, if you can reach it, the game changes and you will now be able to get a pack a punched weapon with a chance of 100 percent. This stays like this for the next 15 rounds until round 35 where you will be rewarded with 2 pack a punched weapons each round.

– Time Round (Zombies will get slower)
– Space Round (Anti-Gravity will be turned on)
– Antimatter Round (The zombies will run faster but only have 1 hp)

This version of my old map was improved and is now bug-free. I could now update the old one. If you want to know why send me a private message!



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