Brothers in Arms MOD

Brothers in Arms Mod
By: buttkicker845 Version: 1.1

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Brothers in Arms MOD

Abstract: Normandy, France 1944.
The Allies have landed on the beaches in Normandy and are pushing their way into Nazi Occupied France. There is a long way to go before the Allies reach the heart of Germany. There will be multiple German Artillery Batteries and Supply Trucks that will need to be eliminated and German Intelligence that will need to be collected. Will you help the Allied Forces liberate Nazi Occupied France or help the Germans secure their foothold against the invading forces?

Background: The Brothers in Arms series is a FPS Strategy game where you take the command of a squad-leader in WW2, released by Ubisoft in 2005. This is one of my favorite game series of all time. This is a MOD adaption of the squad-based action multiplayer scenarios of the first 2 games in the series.


  • Command your squad in the heat of battle
  • Fight against AI in Solo or against friends in Co-op
  • Fight for both Allies and Axis
  • Multiple objective scenarios

               -Destroy/Protect the Supply Truck
               -Destroy/Protect the Anti-Aircraft Guns
               -Secure/Escape with the Documents

  • Multiple levels to fight

               -Carentan, France
               -Burgundy, France

Ubisoft- Original Game Development
Activision – Development of CoD WaW and supporting MOD Tools
asus891110 – Original Level Design
BluntStuffy – Menu response tutorial
DidUknowiPwn – Spawn weapon via script tutorial
long cut loser – multiplayer testing
Please let me know if you feel forgotten on this list!

Please go into the Control settings and set the key bindings for “Command Squad” and “Squad Fall In” under the Interact menu!

Use these keys to command your squad
Press “Command Squad” to bring up the command ring and [Action] to confirm the move location
Press “Squad Fall In” to have your squad fall you directly.

Update 1.1:
– Fix for Player to Player damage, each time a Player damaged another Player no longer is counted as a kill
– Removed Friendly Player to Player damage, Friendly Players can no longer damage each other

Known Issues:
Menu buttons don’t flash after level restart



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