Batman Returns – Christmas Map

Batman Returns - Christmas Map
By: h00dedsn1per177

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Christmas in Gotham City which has somehow been over ran with nazi zombies!?
Map is heavily Tim Burton themed, it includes custom models, zombies and music.

This map is only about 60% of what the original plan was, December came a lot sooner than I had time for. The map is still functional however there is no EE and big parts of the map had to be cut as they couldn’t be incorporated in time for release. Please give feedback if there is any bugs or game breaking glitches etc. This also isn’t connected to the YAW contest, I just made this map because I wanted to. You can also probably find some of the cut areas if you fly around in noclip.


Music – Danny Elfman / Batman Returns Soundtrack
Weapons – Elricos, HarryBo12, Pro Revenge, Jia909, itznvy, John Burnette
Custom Characters – The Indestructable Mike Pence
Additional – Zeroy, Wild/AGC, Frost Iceforge, Mindmirror, RudySPG, IceGrenade, Madgaz Gaming, Wakka, NateSmithZombies, DTZxPorter

If there are any others I have missed please let me know and I will add you to the credits 🙂



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