Evil Christmas

Evil Christmas
By: Zeroy & Ardivee

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The Shadow of Evil crew are back when called upon by Chip the Squirrel as Santa has gone Evil in the remote village where he has a toy warehouse. Chip has the cure and the crew must confront Evil Santa to administer the cure and save Christmas!

** This map won First Prize in the YouAlwaysWin Mapping Contest 2017 **

Video for contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab9cmFFllrE

  • Main Quest
  • PAP Quest
  • Side EEs
  • Mini Games
  • Custom Trap
  • Buyable Ending option
  • Custom Zombies per Zones
  • Over 35 Weapons Customs / Imported


All main scripting by Ardivee, additional by ZeRoY


  • Layout & Design by ZeRoY
  • Some Design from Treyarch’s BlackOps 2 Tranzit

Weapons / Models:
ProRevenge, Collie, Jia909, El Tito Pricus, Maciej Ray Marcin, RollonMath42, HarryBo21, El Ricos


  • Wraith: DTZxPorter (none of this Custom Map would be possible without this great tool!)
  • Weapon convertor/ Rigs: Collie, HitmanVere, Scobalula
  • Waifu and various tools: Ardivee
  • Packer and other tools: MakeCents

Additional Help:
JBird632 (Cherry model, scripts), Wakka, Rage, SethNorris, DUKIP, DivineFury (Xmas models), Izartax (some building geo) MJPWGaming (Zombie Voxes), Madgaz (Jingle, Ammomatic model), Radimax (PAP blueprint!), Lilrifa, LilRobot, Frost Iceforge, Xtercod (M1 Garand textures), Uncandiedvalley (Santa’s voice)


  • Lovesong for a Dead Man (Tranzit Black Ops 2) – Kevin Sherwood / James McCawley
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas – Matt Margeson / Position Music

Studio Credits:
Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Raven, SledgeHammer Games, Tripwire, Hi-Rez Studios

Some have requested we put up a link so if you feel like donating to buy us a coffee (or a beer!) you can do so here:


From Ardivee & ZeRoY Have Fun and a Merry Christmas!



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