Agartha’s Salvation

Agartha's Salvation
By: Zindea

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Where does Agartha lie? Is it a city in the center of the earth or just a lost temple somewhere in the desert? A group of researchers traveled to an old mountain but they never came back! Travel there and discover the mystic ruins of the old ancient ritual site! Discover what the Agarthians hid from the world and destroy its power!

Agartha is waiting for you!
And you may even find objects that help you to understand the backstory!

Scripting: Zindea (I scripted everything (I haven’t got any help))
Design: Zindea
Staff Animations: Zindea, Classixz
Self-Made Weapon importing: Zindea
Custom Perks: WARDOGSK93
Custom Drops: natesmithzombies

Wraith: Sounds
LIME: Animations and 3D models

My Patreon and Stream Supporters:
Ped_UK (Patreon) //Special thanks to him

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Comments (I read every single comment)



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