Die Krypta

Die Krypta
By: mindmirror

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A crypt full of zombies! Can you escape?

Hello and welcome to my next map. This time i want to present you a Black Ops 3 remake
of the “Dark Secrets” chapter from “Return To Castle Wolfenstein” (released in 2001).
This map is called “DieĀ Krypta” (german for “The Crypt”).

If you fail, do a map_restart in the console, not a fast_restart due to effects that otherwise would not load.

– Weapons from Ghosts and MWR
– All MWR weapons are inspectable (press and hold the interact key/button (F))
– White zombie eyes
– Nazi Zombies
– Music easteregg
– Samantha easteregg
– Neon shaders
– RtCW zombie groans
– Endgame (Warning: The Summoning Key takes up a weapon slot when picked up!)
– Hieroglyph easter egg
– Breakable wall easter egg
– No perk limit
– Stielhandgranaten (replacing the standard frag grenades)
– Characters from CoD Ghosts


Symbo (Almost all of the scripting)

Frost Iceforge (Zombie Eyes)
Harrybo21 (Scripting help)
dtzxporter (Wraith 4)
raptroes (MWR weapon files & Stielhandgranaten)
lilrobot (Weapon inspect script)
ardivee (Acoustix)
collie (conversion rig)
Scobalula (Ghosts Characters)
Zynx (Witcher 3 Models)
lethal peelz (Neon shaders)
Da Spacefish (Screenshots)



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