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Hi again it’s Mr_Mutant and today I bring you JungleLane_V2.0!!!

So you maybe thinking to yourself “But Mr_Mutant what?s new?”. No need to fear, I listened to your comments on the previous JungleLane and have added new additions such as…

*New Perks
-Who’s Who?
-Vulture aid
-Electric cherry
-Widows Wine

*New Guns
-Raygun Mark 2
-M1 Irons

*Bigger Map Features
-Map size extension
-Implementation of zones
-Soul chests
-ORIGINS mud zones
-Improved lighting
-Buyable ending

Thank you guys/girls for all the support on the first map, it really helped improving my skills at using the mod tools to give back to the zombies community. Especially thank you for 200 DOWNLOADS!! 🙂
I would also like to note that most of the new editions to the map like soul chests, guns and a few scripts I used were not my own but I found at: https://aviacreations.com/modme/index.php?view=thread&tid=13 .Modme.com is such a good place to check out if u want free assets to use.

I will not be able to post for a while, I currently have some course work to do .But I can ashore you I will return, now that?s out of the way I hope you enjoy and as always leave constructive feedback 😉



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