Dungeon Keeper II Silverstream

Dungeon Keeper II Silverstream
By: Bullen

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Dungeon Keeper II – Silverstream

Update: 11 May @ 9:10pm
#Removed a Chicken that had no trigger. [The Chicken EE worked fine, just one that you thought didn’t work. You just missed one that is working! Think; One in every level! Two At start!]
#Clips on the big Grave-stones.
#Tesla & Thundergun in box!

Have fun!


King Reginald and his team must approach the Guard post – clear the Flags before you can escape this Dungeon. But be on your guard, the Keeper has sent his Dark Skeletons, to try to stop King Reginald and his team.


If you want to donate a small amount. Live only with 400$ per month, had appreciated that help, while I put all hours on the mapping.


#Napalm Zombies. [Invulnerable in water]
#Dogs spawning in normal rounds.
#Low Powerup drops. [1 per round]
#Claim Rounds instead buyable Doors.

#Higher HP. [4 hits before dawn]


#World War II Weapons.
#Upgraded Start Weapons as Wallbuy; Olympia, Ballista, B23R, R870MCS, China Lake.
#Buyable Powerups.
#Magical Items. [Box that giving powerups]


#Lucky with a Pap drop early start? Upgrade your Mauser M712!
#Buy Walther Automatic Shotgun at the first Guard Post! Best Shotgun to Upgrade!
#Find one LMG in the Magic Boxes after finding Fire Sale!
#Use the wall-edges to survive from the Skeletons, and also run faster.
#Run around between the grounds.
#Jump on the water!

King Reginald’s Team

King Reginald | Russman.
Wizard | Robert Barton Englund.
Fairy | Sarah Michelle Gellar [SMG].
Giant | Danny Trejo.


Credit to Icegrenade; autoZones & his Tutorials, and his kindness.
Credit to Sir-Tanks-Alot; Much kindness and helping.
Credit to Skye’s & lilrobot; WW2 Weapons.
Credit to Harry’s; Perks, Napalm Zombies & BO2 Weapons.
Credit to DTZxPorter, Scobalula, Collie & Zeroy; Custom Playermodels.
Credit to Abnormal202; Snail’s Pace Slurpee.
Credit to mathfag; [Wrath of the Ancients, Storm bow, Wolf bow, Magma bow, Void bow]
Credit to Kabe; Dog-Non-Stop script.

Credit Beta Testers

3 Squad Team; Me, Tjomen & Hannisch.
2 Squad Team; Me & Sir-Tanks-Alot.



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