Forest Challenge

Forest Challenge
By: Symbo

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NOTE: I reupload it since the bossfight is fixed and doesnt crash anymore.

Protect the 3 diamonds, kill zombies with the traps & feed the soulbox.
Be aware, the forest may take displeasure to your actions.

– Thrashers
– Meatballs
– Attackables
– Dragon and sword powerup
– custom spawning system
– Traps: flogger and flinger
– Soulboxes
– Easter egg
– Quite big and hard (lol)

Know bugs:
– Last zombies take their time in the soulbox area.
– Poor clipping in certain locations.

If you experiment any bugs or crashes, please report in what conditions it happened. Many thanks.

– Harrybo21
– Scubalula
– Verk0
– QuentinFTL
– 3arc
– Makecents
– IamBear for the moral support



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